''Yoga DLM has been developed in 2005 by YAAY founders. It is a space of freedom, a new way of expression, a significant moment of physical and mental release.''




What is Yoga DLM?


Yoga DLM means Yoga Dance Live Music.

It is a global approach of the being including two channels of expression,

the dance and the music

combined with:

meditation, pranayama, hatha, yin and nidra.


The class is structured on five periods🔻

1: psychic

2: physical





Every session is unique but you will always find these elements:

live accoutisc music, meditation, Yin,  Yoga Nidra, body language exercices, free dance, Hatha Yoga, pranayamas


How Yoga DLM does benefit you?


Plus all the Yoga types's benifits combined, 

YogaDLM will boost your motivation, your creativity,

you will get out of the session fully relaxed and smily!