''Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.''






What do you ''do'' during a meditation class?


YaaY teaches two types of meditation:


ღPassive meditation

Eyes closed and being still, you are guided by the voice of the teacher.

You train on breathing methods (pranayamas) and work with vizualisations.

This type of meditation is well adapted for beginers.


Active meditation

The teacher leads you to actively work with different types of exercices

additionally introduces practical aspects of it for your daily life.

This type of meditation is accessible to everybody.


 Why should you start a meditation class ?


Effects of meditation are powefull🔻


 A regular practice will help you to:


experience a clear mind

 balance your emotions and thoughts

  and increase your inner joy :)

 solve mental blocks

manage the daily stress

 but also create a peacefull and loving inner space!