Marie 🔻

is a certified hatha yoga and meditation instructor 200TCC.

She is also the co-founder of yoga DLM and she is leading these workshops.


With a professional background of alternativ therapist and masseur plus a journey of fifteen years of personal development, Marie gained a solid expertise in human relationships as well in the understanding of the body and mind interactions.


When she moves to Maastricht she starts to practice yoga intensely.

Several years later she decides to travel to India to go back to the roots of yoga and to widen her experience and eventually become a yoga instructor.


She is now sharing with You with love and passion her skills and story.









is the co-founder and composer of Yoga DLM. He musically accompagnies all the YDLM classes.


Autodidact and curious of all forms of music, he starts to compose in 2009 and permanently extend his experience of art.


Thereafter becoming passionate in dance and body language he fuses his talents by creating meditation, relaxation as well as dance music.


He is also now a certified Ecstatic DJ!