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Sandrine (mardi, 10 octobre 2017 10:38)


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YDLM is both funny and enjoyable! 90 minutes stressless...priceless! Looking forward to go back again. Merci



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Cécile (jeudi, 28 septembre 2017 15:09)


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I've tried 3 different sessions, and they have already helped me get better physically and mentally. Thank you Marie for the way you teach and the way you gather people from different places, level of yoga and age. See you at the next sessions.


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Alexia (mardi, 26 septembre 2017 12:26)


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Je n'ai suivi que quelques sessions avec Marie, et j'ai hâte de continuer. Quelque soit mon état d'esprit de la journée, ces moments ont été précieux et surtout, agréables. Je recommande à tout le monde d'essayer, good vibes assurées.


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Judith (samedi, 23 septembre 2017 11:00)


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Marie always gives original sessions and adapts very well to each of us. Iam learning yoga with her but also how to calm and "feel" myself. Thanks!


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Sylvia (mercredi, 30 août 2017 10:48)


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My yoga teacher learned me the key rule in life
Inhale the future
Exhale the past
Keep breath in present!




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